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Under The Sea Tattoos

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These temporary tattoos are fantastic to wear, with lots of under the sea colorful creatures. Featuring a shark, whale, octopus, fish, shells, seaweed and a shiny anchor too. Perfect as party favors or as a little gift.

  • Silver foil detail
  • Made in China
  • Pack dimensions: 4.5" x 3.5" x 0.125"
  • 1 whale, 1 shark, 1 octopus, 2 starfishes, 2 sets of fish, 2 seaweeds, 1 shell and 1 anchor

Product Care/directions: 1 Cut out the desired design. 2 Carefully peel off the protective film. 3 Press the tattoo, design side down, onto the skin. 4 Wet the backing paper for about 30 seconds. 5 Carefully peel off the paper. 6 Allow the tattoo to dry briefly. 7 The tattoo can be removed using skin cream or skin oil.